ESP32-S2 WiFi Soc 출시

ESP32-S2 Specification

ESP32-S2는 고성능 240Mhz core의 LX7 MCU가 내장된 WiFi 전용 SoC로, 풍부한 I/O와 보다 강력한 보안기능, 저전력을 지원합니다.

Product Name ESP32-S2 SoC
Core 32BitXtensa LX7 Single core + Ultra-low-power co-processor
성능 240Mhz, 300DMIPS
내장 메모리 Internal320 kB SRAM, 128 kB ROM, 16 KB RTC memory
외장 메모리 Upto 1GB external Flash support
Upto 1GB external SRAM support
WiFi 802.11b/g/n (1×1 transmit and receive), HT40, 150Mbps
*Time-of-Flight (TOF) measurements with normal Wi-Fi packets
ProgrammableGPIO 43programmable GPIOs : SPI, I2C, I2S, UART, ADC/DAC and PWM
TouchI/O 14 capacitive touch sensing I/O
LCD LCD(8-bit parallel RGB/8080/6800) interface, 16/24-bit parallel
Camera 8or 16-bit DVP image sensor interface, up to 40 MHz
USB Full speed USB OTG support
High performance Security engine RSA-3072-based trusted application boot
AES256-XTS-based flash encryption
4096-bit effuse memory
Digital signature
Secure storage of private keys and generation of RSA signatures
Smart power Management When Wi-Fi is enabled, the chip automatically powers on or off the RF transceiver ULPco-processor with less than 5uA idle mode 24uA at 1% duty-cycle current consumption.Improved Wi-Fi-connected and MCU-idle-mode power consumption.
Power(V) 3.3V
Package 7x7mm 56pin QFN

ESP32-S2 Functional block diagram