VANGO is a fabless IC company providing total solution for electricity metering SoC inlcuidng single phase, three phase, SoC, AFE.

Single phase Metering IC solution

  • Metering Engine: VMA
  • Contact ESD: 15kV
  • Fast transient pulse stress: 5kV, 5kHz, with load error <0.1%
  • EMC: 10V/m with load error <0.1%
  • Watt·h: <0.1%, 5000:1 DR
  • VAR·h: <0.1%, 3000:1 DR
  • RTC: Lower power : 5mA(13Mhz) 3mA(3.2Mhz), 500uA(I detection mode), 8uA(deep sleep)
  • Lowe cost : high integration (4xADC, VMA, RTC, 8052, Flash, RAM, UARTs, LDC driver)
  • Anti-tampering: no need PT
  • Active/reactive multi-function energy meter solution
  • 2 channel Watt·h meter

  • Active power, Accumulated power, Leak power measurement
  • Power quality check : Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power factor, etc..
  • Smart plug, Smart metering, AMI
  • Power check for equipment and devices
Metering SoC product list / Block diagram


Metering AFE product list / Block diagram